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Comment PHP Script (It's free too!)

    Posted Admin Posted On January 3, 2013

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    Comment Form / Post Feedback

    Allow users to display and post comments on a page..

    Feedback is very valuable to not only the web designers, but to other visitors as well. I have had multiple requests for a tutorial on this, so I decided to write one. This is a fairly advanced script, and I don't go into a lot of detail to explain my script...

    In order to use this script, you will need a web host that supports MySQL and PHP.

    I have tried my best to give you a stylish comment script, It looks very awesome please try it...


  • Enter database information into the top of db.php.

  • Upload all of the files & folders onto your server.

  • Use SQL query in table.sql to create your table in your MySQL database.

  • Usage:

    You can call the script on any page by using the following code:


    Just make the number (in this case "1") unique for each page unless you want the same comments on different pages.


  • Gravatar support

  • BBCode support

  • SyntaxHighlighter

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • MySQLi


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